Young Student with TSC Inspires Congressman on Trip to Capitol

Abigail, a fifth grade student, originally took a trip to the Capitol to advocate for more research on tuberous sclerosis complex (TSC).

The trip had unexpected results.

As the Daily Independent reports, she wanted to speak with the Senate about the importance of research for the rare disorder she’s living with, and to ask Congress to keep funding TSC research in hopes of finding a cure. Abigail’s mother, Tammy, accompanied her on the trip to D.C.—Tammy is co-chairman of the TS Alliance in their home state of Kentucky.

Congressman Thomas Massie was very impressed by Abigail. So impressed in fact, that the congressman put her right to work. She had the opportunity to cast votes for him on the House floor. Abigail said the experience was amazing.

Tuberous sclerosis complex is a genetic disease causing benign or non-cancerous tumors to form in multiple areas of the body. TSC signs and symptoms can vary, as this is contingent on where each tumor is located in the body.

Tammy states that each case is different. Some are mild, while others are more severe. This is why research funding needs to continue.

While they were in D.C., Abigail and Tammy were able to speak with many senators and congressmen. They appeared to be supportive of Abigail’s request, but no action has yet been taken. Hopefully, there will be more funding in the near future.

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