This FDA Approval for Haegarda Just Changed Lives

A new therapy option for hereditary angioedema (HAE) has recently received FDA approval!
Marketed as Haegarda by biopharmaceutical company, CSL Behring, this subcutaneous C1 Esterase Inhibitor is now usable in the U.S. against debilitating HAE attacks.

For those of you who don’t know, HAE is a rare and sometimes life-threatening condition in which areas of the patient’s body swell in largely uncontrollable “attacks.” To learn more about HAE, click here.

Highly-specialized treatment is necessary to deal with the condition, and until now, there was only one other drug currently approved for the management of HAE. A subcutaneous preventative option was of great need, and Haegarda came to the rescue.
But Haegarda is also revolutionary because it works to replace the dysfunctional or deficient natural C1-INH in the patient’s body, which is at the source of these attacks. Thus, with its twice weekly administration, Haegarda works to target the root biological cause of HAE, making it a more effective form of treatment.

In fact, in a recent clinical trial, 90 HAE patients received Haegarda doses or a placebo twice per week for four months. It was found that subjects in the treatment groups experienced significantly less attacks than the placebo group.

Tad Rockwell was one of the HAE patients that participated in this clinical trial. He experienced firsthand the drastic life-changing difference that Haegarda can make, and now, he is just excited and relieved that others can rid themselves of fear of attacks and begin living their lives again.

To read more about this wonderful new FDA approval, click here!

Haegarda Connect is also available as an all-inclusive support system to provide additional drug information, financial assistance, reimbursement support, and nursing services. Click here to be taken to the program’s home page.

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