Radio Personality Froggy Leaps into Conversations about Acromegaly

You’re more likely to recognize his voice rather than his face. If you love segments like “Food News with Froggy” or “Phone Taps” from the Elvis Duran and the Morning Show program, you’ve probably heard the friendly morning banter hosted by Elvis Duran, Froggy and friends.

But according to an online article by RareDaily, Froggy is jumping into the spotlight and speaking about his struggles with acromegaly.
Acromegaly is a very rare disorder caused by a tumor in the pituitary gland that produces too much growth hormone (GH). When the pituitary gland releases excessive amounts of GH, it can cause changes inside the body and to the extremities that lead to disfigurement. Severely impacted internal organs can lead to death. Acromegaly, literally, means enlarged extremities.

For syndicated morning radio show host, Froggy, his friends and family first noticed the telltale signs of the disease. It was odd, but Froggy’s wedding ring no longer fit. He wrote it off as post-wedding weight gain. His shoe size changed. Then he had trouble pronouncing the letter “s,” which can be a real issue for someone who talks for a living. When friends who hadn’t seen him in a while mentioned that he looked different, Froggy got online to do some research.

He checked his symptoms against a checklist from the Pituitary Network Association, saw that brain surgery was one of the accepted treatment options and closed his computer, unable to process the information.

It was a question on Jeopardy! that forced him to deal with reality. After watching an episode, his mother called him when one of the questions was, “What is acromegaly?” And the clue was, “This is a disease that causes enlargement of the hands, feet, face, and forehead.” They both realized something had to be done.

An MRI scan revealed what he already knew. It was acromegaly. Less than a day later, Froggy decided to go public with his diagnosis. In over 80 markets and on the air, he shared his symptoms, diagnosis and story hoping to reach anyone else who was suffering and searching for more information.

His number one hope is to help one person and make a difference in their life. Bringing an obscure answer from a game show to the public limelight can be a daunting move, but with the strength of a voice of the people, this celebrity is bringing an important conversation into the mainstream.

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