Download This Fun and Informative Hemophilia App Now!

Hema Biologics have recently released something even cooler and more inventive than just their traditional hemophilia treatments. They are way on top of their game and know exactly how to reel in an audience from the millennial world, while also making strides in raising awareness about hemophilia.
So what is this amazing new invention?
A hemophilia smartphone application.

Hemophilia is an inherited genetic disorder which causes profuse bleeding. This is a direct consequence of a deficiency in one of a few clotting factors. Hemophilia A, the most common type of hemophilia, is a product of an insufficient clotting factor VIII. Hemophilia B, which is the second most common type, is caused by insufficient clotting factor IX. Lastly, Hemophilia C is caused by insufficient clotting factor XI. To learn more about these conditions, visit the Patient Worthy disease list here.

Or, you could download the application “Coagulation Intervention Brigade” on your device to take charge in a virtual world in which you are the hero in charge of helping “Sergeant Factor” stop a bleed.
In the process, you will get a little more understanding on how medicines are effective in stopping bleeding in hemophilia, while enjoying a fun and fast-paced virtual reality experience!

To learn more about the application or download it, click this link!

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