Spoonspirations: More than Just a Name

Back in 2015 I was diagnosed with POTS, a form of dysautonomia. Dysauto-what?
Yeah, exactly what I was thinking. After doing all my research and being super upset at what I thought was a “death sentence”, I finally accepted my illness and that it really wasn’t just going to go away no matter how much medicine I was on.
So I was on the next stage: retail therapy. For none other than: dysautonomia/POTS awareness shirts.

As a somewhat stubborn person when it comes to my style (and maybe a little of being an artist) I could never find any cute awareness shirts that screamed Nisa. So of course I had to change that – by making my own shirts with my own designs. Then I started making them for others and for fundraisers!

After that I researched more about chronic and invisible illnesses in general and was very surprised at the lack of awareness items out there. How do people expect cures when no one knows our populations even exist? How does anyone think any other illness or disease became “well-known” without awareness?

This started to become my life. I decided to make it my mission to use my art skills to make awareness items for all illnesses and donate the money to other chronic illness organizations and hopefully find cures for all of us! I actually get excited to sit on the couch and think of new designs every day! So far I have over 1,000 designs representing more than 100 illnesses.

One day I hope to have a design for each and every chronic illness. I’ve even expanded way beyond just shirts – now there are leggings, planners, pillowcases, bags, socks, blankets, care packages, monthly awareness packs and more! I hope to keep growing and raising awareness!

For me this is more than just a name or a brand, it’s my life. Through my work, it’s helped build a community and make some wonderful friendships. I truly believe Chronic Illness = Chronic Hope.
Check out Nisa’s Etsy shop here!

About the Author: 

I’m Nisa, a 25 year old with POTS, EDS, Trigeminal Neuralgia, Chiari (and who knows what else that hasn’t yet been diagnosed). I spend my free time eating fries, photographing life, snuggling with cats and taking naps! The rest of my time is spent creating awesome awareness apparel for my business, Spoonspirations!

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