The PI Mom Secrets You Never Knew

No one likes being sick, yet Mom always finds a way to turn this rough situation into a special feeling. Mothers have a way of taking care of you physically and emotionally when you’re sick. Even if you’re no longer a child, Mom loves you like a baby every time she takes care of you. We all have to admit, it feels amazing to be pampered by her. She is the original urgent care!

But… what happens when mom gets sick? And I’m not talking about a stomach bug—I mean a serious condition like primary immunodeficiency (PI). Well, that’s exactly what happened to Cheryl Jackson. Click here to read more.
Primary immunodeficiency disorders—also called primary immune disorders or primary immunodeficiency—weaken the immune system, allowing infections and other health problems to occur more easily. Many primary immunodeficiency disorders are inherited—passed down from one or both parents.

I don’t know anyone else who could endure what moms do, all whilst remaining sane and determined to achieve their goals. When most people take on hardships, it’s common for these individuals to lose the will to try anymore. But, moms—they strive on. They have the heart of a lion and the fight of a soldier.

I am Mom, hear me roar! Source:
Still, sometimes, moms just need to hear it: You are strong.

Don’t listen to the doubts. To the voices telling you that you don’t measure up, that you don’t matter, that nothing will ever change, that what you’re doing day after day after day won’t make a difference.

Those aren’t truth statements—they are subtle fallacies that keep you and me stuck and withhold the ability to see the amazing tenacity tucked within.

And if you don’t believe me… take a cue from Cheryl as she lives with primary immunodeficiency.

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