Go to Italy in November for the 5th International Conference for Glycoprotein Storage Diseases

This year, The International Advocate for Glycoprotein Storage Diseases (ISMRD) has moved their International Conference from the US to Rome, Italy!

The ISMRD is a non-profit who aims to be a global advocate and support for families battling a Glycoprotein Storage Disease. They hope to help find effective treatments and cures for these rare disorders. To learn more about them, click here.

Mucolipidoses (ML) is one of the groups of diseases they cover, and one of our PW contributors has written extensively about it. There are four types of ML. Most patients with mucolipidoses have the severe kind, where they have intellectual disabilities, a variety of eye abnormalities, iron deficiency and other debilitating symptoms. To read more about mucolipidoses click here.

According to Dr. Alessandra d’Azzo, the conference being in Europe will help bring awareness to the rare disorders and the ISMRD as a whole to the greater global community. The event aims to convene global researchers and patients/families to engage in the latest news, developments and trials for these rare lysosomal diseases.

To read more about their goals for the conference, click here.

Details are:

Who: The ISMRD

What: 5th International Conference for Glycoprotein Storage Diseases

Where: Rome, Italy- A. Roma Lifestyle Hotel

When: November 1st through the 4th, 2017

To register for the event, click here.

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