Dallas, Texas will Light Up Its Tallest Skyscraper in Support for Dysautonomia Awareness Month

The Bank of America building in Dallas, Texas will light itself up in turquoise on Saturday October 28th to show support for Dysautonomia Awareness Month.
Everything’s bigger in Texas, including their support for advocacy!

The light-up will coincide with Dysautonomia International’s fundraiser in Dallas, where guests will get to see the wonderful view.

The Bank of America building is a 72-story skyscraper and the tallest building in Dallas; it’s also the 3rd tallest building in all of Texas.

Dysautonomia is the umbrella term that encompasses several different conditions that cause a malfunction of the autonomic nervous system (ANS). People living with various forms of dysautonomia have trouble regulating their ANS, which can result in lightheadedness, fainting, unstable blood pressure, abnormal heart rates, and malnutrition.

Dysautonomia affects an estimated 70 million people worldwide.

The lighting is part of Dysautonomia International’s “Make Noise for Turquoise” campaign, where they are trying to get as many city buildings to light up to raise awareness for dysautonomia.

If any of our friends in Dallas are around the area that night, make sure to take a look and send up a picture!
We can’t wait to see such a giant representation of awareness for dysautonomia! And make sure to check out  Dysautonomia International’s website for more information on how to do your part in raising awareness.

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