Boy With Myoclonic-Astatic Epilepsy Gets to Hang With Spider Man

4-year-old Colt Cosper is coping with a life-threatening disease with his new buddy, Spider Man.

Shortly after his third birthday, Colt was hit with the hard diagnosis: myoclonic-astatic epilepsy. This rare disease causes seizures on a daily basis. Colt has to face this head on, with 50 seizures per day and heavy doses of medication to keep them in check. To learn more about this rare form of epilepsy, click here.

Any one of those seizures could take his life, so his parents are living in a constant state of fear.

But Colt doesn’t have to fight it alone.

When Colt and his mom Mandy were trying to decide who should come visit, Colt suggested his favorite superhero, Spider Man. His room is adorned with Spidey paraphernalia and now, Colt is lucky enough to know the friendly neighborhood Spidey himself.

Mandy got in touch with the Iowa League of Heroes, a group that was created in 2004. The organization aims to bring smiles to sick children by linking them up with their favorite superheroes.

When Spider Man finally came in to visit Colt, he was calm and cool. The two talked and got to know each other, and before Colt knew it, they had become good friends. Spider-Man takes time away from fighting crime (and his own family) to hang out with Colt often.

“We fight bad guys every day,” Spider-Man said in an interview with KCCI Des Moines. “But he fights that epilepsy with the same amount of bravery and courage, and so Colt is every bit as much a superhero to us.”

Other heroes making kids smile among the Iowa League of Heroes include Captain America, Iron Man, Thor, Black Widow and Wonder Woman. To contact the heroes, click here.

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