16-Year-Old’s Kidney Disease Returns After Successful Kidney Transplant

Nikki Oosthuizen gave her 16-year-old daughter, Kim, a kidney as she suffers from a rare kidney disease, yet only four days later the disease returned and destroyed her kidney function once again, reported Lancashire Post.

Kim was suddenly diagnosed with chronic kidney disease (CKD) and now has to rely on consistent dialysis to stay alive. To learn more about CKD, click here.
Although doctors originally suspected nephritic syndrome, Kim didn’t improve after steroid treatment. Kim’s kidney biopsy showed that she had focal segmental glomerulosclerosis (FSGS). This disease damages the filter units in the kidney, causing major damage or complete failure. Learn more about FSGS here.

Since the disease has returned after Kim’s transplant, she has to visit Manchester 3 times a week to undergo dialysis. Dialysis, while necessary for Kim, often has side effects that are unpleasant. Many patients experience headaches, cramping, nausea, high blood pressure and often feel lethargic with chronic fatigue. Dialysis usually lasts about 4 hours, and Kim has to make the trip there multiple times a week, tallying up to a total of 18 hours of treatment every week. That’s lot to handle for anyone, let alone a high school kid.

Since the disease has returned, Kim will need another transplant, but has to wait until she is a bit older– around 20-years-old. This means she’ll have to face treatment, commute and effects for the next four years. Still, Kim stays incredibly positive and her mother, Nikki, is so proud of the brave woman she’s become.

From this experience, both mother and daughter have grown a desire to make a change and bring awareness to the disease. Kim plans to raise money for the next British Transplant Games in 2018, an event she participated and medaled in this last year. All the proceeds will go to Kidneys For Life. There is a shortage for kidney donations, and if they can help highlight the need, they can make a difference.

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