CureVac Partners with Arcturus Therapeutics to Target Ornithine Transcarbamylase Deficiency

Another successful partnership in the rare disease community has come to fruition, reports The Pharma Letter. Just this past week, CureVac and Arcturus Therapeutics will become a powerhouse together with hopes to development new mRNA therapeutics with speed, cost efficiency, and limited manufacturing risks. With the deals announcement, share prices surged by 21%, landing at $9.48 this last week.

CureVac is a successful German company known for clinical-stage biopharmaceuticals that focuses on pioneering mRNA therapeutics. Arcturus Therapeutics also specializes in  RNA medications. Together they hope to accomplish much more with a focus on developing four molecular therapy treatments for rare disease patients. They plan to use CureVac’s natural mRNA sequence and Arcturus Therapeutic’s delivery system that for lipid-mediated nucleic acid. Both companies plan to share funding responsibilities as well as sharing future profits.
Both companies also plan to target the rare genetic disease ornithine transcarbamylase deficiency. This disease is caused by a build up of ammonia inside the blood. It falls under the umbrella of urea cycle disorders, which you can read more about here.

Both chief executives Ingamar Hoerr of CureVac and Joseph Payne of Arcturus, have shared their pleasure and honor to have partnered with such a strong team and they are excited to see all the potential play out. When you take two leaders in their specified fields, Arcturus’s and their platform technology and CureVac and their optimized mRNA construction, magic will happen.

Investors are already sharing their believe it what will come from this collaboration. Just that same day, a financial investment of $270 came into play from a fellow German tech company known as BioNTech. They are also an mRNA-based medication company and they sparked the investor excitement that already took place in the market. While promise is given for success with this pair, there still remains strong leaders amongst the space such as the private US biotech firm ModernaTherapeutics.

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