Midatech Pharma Gets Verbal Approval For MTD201 Continued Development

Midatech Pharma just received verbal confirmation from Polish regulators to conduct the first European in-human study for a treatment that could potential aid those with carcinoid cancer and acromegaly, reported Pro Active Investors. The treatment is called MTD201 and an official written approval to conduct the study, Q-Octreotide, should come in the next couple weeks.

Midatech Pharma is a pharmaceutical company that develops and commercializes treatments. They are known for their Q-Sphera technology and innovation, they are heading in a positive direction to provide the first successful alternative to Sandostatin, the current commercial leading product. To determine if MTD201 will be commercialized, they will have to take the interim data of the study and proceed with the results. If the results are positive, we could see this product potentially launch in 2020.

This is potentially really great news for those suffering from carcinoid cancer or acromegaly. Carcinoid cancer is a cancer that develops in the lungs or lining of the digestive tract, often producing slow growth tumors. It’s common for a patient with carcinoid to be diagnosed much later than the initial development of the cancer, causing it to spread and become more aggressive. It may lead to the rare disorder called carcinoid syndrome, which you can read more about here.
Acromegaly is a hormonal disorder that produces an excessive amount of hormones (GH) and often leads to benign tumors and a late onset of symptoms, which could result in more illness or even early death. While this could be a potential treatment for these two diseases, this could be so much bigger. To read more about acromegaly, click here.

Dr. Jim Phillips, the chief executive of the Polish is pleased and expressed this is a huge milestone for not only Midatech, but all the potential patients who could be treated for the cancer or disorder. MTD201 has provided interesting data and great potential in the pre-clinical trials, positioning Midatech in a great spot for success. Not only will this provide extensive data for MTD201, but it will also share a lot about other potential their advanced release technology could develop for other products and treatments for other disorders.

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