This New Treatment for Dravet Syndrome is Moving Forward

This New Treatment for Dravet Syndrome is Moving Forward

GW Pharmaceuticals reports that Epidiolex, a cannabidiol based drug, had its NDA (New Drug Application) accepted for priority review by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The drug is intended as an investigational treatment for the frequent seizures that manifest in Lennox-Gastaut syndrome and Dravet syndrome.
The review of the NDA is expected to be complete in June 2018. The priority review status is given to potential treatments that are showing a significant improvement over other types of treatment or may be the only treatment for a specific illness. In Dravet syndrome, a form of severe epilepsy begins to manifest at only six months old. Seizures are commonplace and can be triggered very easily, such as by a mild fever or warm temperatures. As the condition progresses, the types of seizures and frequency often increases. Other symptoms include cognitive impairments, reduced motor and language skills, and behavioral problems. The syndrome is usually treated with anticonvulsant drugs. There is currently no cure. For more information, click here.

Cannabidiol (CBD), is one of many substances commonly found in the cannabis plant. A variety of studies and research has suggested that CBD may have some significant medical use for certain conditions. Some studies have suggested that the substance may have potential use as an addiction treatment, although more research is needed. Other studies have shown definitely that CBD is effective in substantially reducing the frequency of seizures in Dravet syndrome. It is this study that has allowed GW to continue to develop their own plant-derived CBD treatment.

Both Dravet syndrome and Lennox-Gastaut syndrome are similar in that they both affect children, cause frequent seizures, and are often resistant to conventional anticonvulsants and epilepsy treatments. While the original study that gave credibility to CBD as a treatment involved only patients with Dravet syndrome, researchers at GW are hoping that the treatment would still be effective with Lennox-Gastalt as well. The company is also continuing to test Epidiolex as a treatment for early onset seizure type disorders as well.

GW Pharmaceuticals has been committed to developing treatments with cannabinoid type products. The continued progress and approval of Epidiolex would be a major milestone. Read the source article at World News.