11-Year-Old Goes Into Remission and Remains A Superhero To His Peers

11-year-old Nolan Cyr is not like anyone else his age. When facing round after round of chemo in the hospital to fight his cancer, it wasn’t himself he was thinking of, it was his fellow peers experiencing the same stress he was, Cosmopolitan reports. Thankfully, all the good karma he sent out all came back, as he recently learned that he is officially cancer free! Yet, while that means he can finally leave the hospital and start living again, that doesn’t mean he is leaving his friends for good.

It was only last spring, back when Nolan was only 10 years old, that a little limp from what they thought was a sports injury turned out to be a family’s worst nightmare. His parents took him to an orthopedic doctor when he was struggling to play the sport he loves, ice hockey. A quick x-ray and MRI revealed something worse than an injury, but a lesion which would later be deemed a bone cancer, known as osteosarcoma.

His parents were in utter shock, as this extreme of a response was the last of their worries. Yet, like any parents would do they stood up and supported young Nolan when he was told he would need to undergo chemotherapy for at least 18 rounds. While it was a difficult time for the Cyr family, Nolan made the most of it.

The hospital had treated him so well, he wanted to give back and make a difference to all the other children in the hospital. His school had successfully raised $1,500, and with that money Nolan and his mother made care and comfort packs for all the other kids with cancer. The packs included hats, hot chocolate, neck pillows, stress balls, silly putty, bubble gum, and anything else Nolan thought was helpful for him.

To keep privacy restrictions in place, Nolan couldn’t deliver the bags to everyone on his own. Instead, the hospital staff helped do so. Many of the child recipients sent back photos and had nurses express how excited they were to receive all the fun goodies they did! Excited with the overwhelming response, the family continued to set up a fundraiser with hopes to get all 75 kids the packs and more.

On January 23rd Nolan was able to leave the hospital with his news of being cancer-free. He no longer can play ice-hockey but he’s excited to start new sports like swimming. While he’s no longer in the hospital he has a heart for all the kids there and plans to continue his support over the years.

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