Boy Visits His Parents In Syria After Treatment in the United States

The Alsabaa family not only has to deal with their 6-year-old son ,Tony, fighting children’s idiopathic arthritis, but they are also not allowed to be in the States with him as he’s being treated, reports ABC 7 News. It’s been over a year since Tony has seen his parents because they were sent back to Syria with President Trump’s enforced travel ban. Tony is a U.S. citizen so he’s been allowed to stay and receive treatment, but being separated is excruciating for his whole family, especially since he’s so young.

Tony has expressed how much he misses his parents, but is very happy he will get to see them soon. Tony lives with his aunt and uncle in Canyon Country, but needs to be with his immediate family, especially when undergoing treatment and needing to make medical decisions that are above his level of comprehension. His parents are desperate to get back to the States to be by Tony’s side once again, but every attempt they’ve made as been denied.

When he goes back to Syria, it is certain he will not receive the high level of treatment he is currently receiving in the States. His aunt, and current caretaker Fadaa Assaff, believes his care in Syria will only be 50-70% of what it is in the States, and this will plateau his budding improvement.

Doctors recently told Tony he’s doing incredibly well, since he is now able to run and jump; something he couldn’t do before. His parents are eager to see his progress, but they can only hope that doesn’t get halted with his arrival to Syria.

Tony doesn’t speak Arabic, but fluent English, so the next steps and what’s best for him are conflicting. His parents will continue to do everything in their power to provide him with the best care he can get, but if he can’t ever experience life with his family, is he truly living his fullest? We wish the best for Tony and his family and hope they enjoyed their sacred, precious time together soon.

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