5 Things You Should Know About New Familial Hypercholesterolemia Treatment

Madrigal Pharmaceuticals recently brought a new familial hypercholesterolemia drug to clinical endpoint. The drug is currently being tested as MGL-3196. Here’s what you need to know about the new drug. Details can also be found at Reuters.
  1. MGL-3196 reached primary endpoint.

    This means the drug has answered one of the core questions set forward by the current batch of studies. Primary endpoints can answer such questions as: “Is the drug more effective than other treatments?” “What number of disease-related ailments occur during treatment?”

  2. MGL-3196 greatly reduces LDL-C.

    Researchers evaluated MGL-3196 against a control group. The control group received treatment with a placebo. When compared to the placebo group, the MGL-3196 group demonstrated a statistically significant reduction in LDL Cholesterol.

  3. MGL-3196 is well tolerated.

    Compared once more to control groups treated with placebo, MGL-3196 appears to be easily accepted by patients’ biological systems.

  4. MGL-3196 vs. Statins.

    When compared to the placebo, MGL-3196 lowered LDL Cholesterol by nearly 30%. It was also effect in preselected groups that were unable to tolerate high level doses of Statins.

  5. Side Effects and Uncertainties.

    Researchers observed two adverse effects during tests. One occurred within the placebo group. Another occurred within the MGL-3196 test group. This release does not contain he specifics of each abnormal event.

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