Man With Cystic Fibrosis Channels His Inner Superhero

Ben Mudge might closely resemble Chris Hemsworth’s Thor with his good looks and shredded physique, but he’s also a real life superhero to many, reports Business Insider. Ben has defied all odds of someone living with cystic fibrosis, showing everyone firsthand that physical fitness plays a huge role in fighting this rare disease. Wanting to motivate and share his success story, he created an Instagram account and now has garnered over 60,000 followers who look forward to his daily inspiration and “Thorsday” motivation.

Cystic Fibrosis (CF) is a rare genetic disease that limits one’s lung capacity. While the disease mostly affects the lungs, it can also severely damage one’s pancreas, kidneys, liver and intestines. Most patients don’t live longer that 37-years-old, but Ben is on a mission to prove those statistics wrong and show others they can too. To learn more about CF, click here.

Ben was first diagnosed at birth, but his symptoms didn’t arise until his late teenage years. Around the age of 18 years old, his lung capacity dropped to 66%, which is a feeling he describes as someone pressing hard against your chest when you breathe. When he learned his lung capacity had dropped significantly, he thought if any ‘normal’ person can get in shape and build up their lung endurance, why can’t he?

After getting some encouragement and guidance from an extra while working as an assistant on Game Of Thrones, he took up personal training and hasn’t looked back since. He loves to workout himself and more importantly, help others and encourage them to live strong, healthy lives as well. More specifically, he loves to inspire children and their families with cystic fibrosis. While Ben never wanted his brand to be focused on his CF, he uses his platform and accomplishments to make a point that anything is possible even if you have CF.

Ben quickly dedicated his life to being healthy and helping others in the process. To reach more people, he started an Instagram account posting photos of himself and his progress. Over time, he noticed that his followers continued to mention his resemblance to the Hemsworth brothers, specifically THOR. From this, his superhero brand was birthed and he took on all that is Thor — strength, power, motivation and inspiration.

Ben now has 60,000 followers and counting. He feels as healthy as can be despite what the odds say about life-expectancy with CF. He plans to continue building his business and brand, while bringing more positive awareness to CF and how patients can manage it like he has. His goal is for his story to be one of the first search results when someone searches cystic fibrosis. We think many would agree that that’s a great idea.

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