When Life Gave Her Multiple Sclerosis, She Started a Support Group

Donna Keck has multiple sclerosis (MS). She’s 61-years-old and has lived a life full of health complications, reports Chicago Tribune. Nevertheless, Keck battled through these challenges and eventually founded a grounded support group for MS patients.

In Keck’s early 30s, she was diagnosed with MS after years of struggles facing symptoms of double vision, leg paralysis, digestive concerns and slower cognitive function. It was a devastating diagnosis as the disease attacks the spinal cord and brain, which can cause chronic problems to many parts of the body.

Ever since Keck’s doctor told her that she “has the personality” to handle MS, she grabbed onto those words and fought.

Her doctor even advised against joining a local support group for MS as he felt it was filled with negative individuals looking for sympathy. So Keck instead kept pushing along with the help of her husband Gene. After 22 years of being a critical care nurse, MS ended her career. That’s when she began her mission to help others with MS.

In March of 2000 Keck started her own MS support group in the Aurora area. Before she knew it, it grew to 50+ members for the once a month meeting. One of her members, Tony Cooper, made sure to share that it’s not for someone who is looking for sympathy, it is for someone who wants to solve their day to day problems. This group will offer a shoulder to cry on once in a blue moon, but they are really there to help members move forward.
While the disease remains and it has no cure today, an MS Warrior’s environment can have a huge impact on his or her mental, emotional and physical well-being in coping with MS. To check out Donna’s support group’s April event, click here. The date listed on this site is correct, however, the meeting time will actually be 10 am to noon.

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