California Governor’s Proposal Threatens Hemophilia Treatment

A proposal by California governor Jerry Brown set its sight on the Discount Drug Program for Medi-Cal patients. A group of healthcare providers, including the Orthopaedic Institute for Children came together to fight against the proposed end of the program. Keep reading to learn more about this development, or follow the original story here.

The Discount Drug Program for Medi-Cal patients, a 340B program, provides tremendous reductions in price for outpatient medicines. The program also allows for these resources to be specially reinvested by the 11 existing hemophilia treatment centers in California. Taken together, these centers serve over 9,000 patients every year.

Expert care obtained at these 11 centers reduced the patient morbidity rate by 60%.

Other results of support from the centers include better quality of life for hemophilia patients, fewer missed school and work days, and improved employment rates. Time and responsible care for patients also reduced costs for the state both in short-term and long-term analyses.

These are just some of the reasons the Orthopaedic Institute for Children (OIC) stands against Governor Brown’s proposed elimination of the program.

“Elimination of this benefit,” says OIC Chief Operating Officer Debra Mathias, “will severely compromise the ability of California’s most vulnerable patients to receive the treatments and services they need to live and thrive.”

Mathias sees the closure of the program leading directly to suffering patients, and urges her state senate to oppose the Governor’s proposal.

Mathias continues to underline the fact that the Discount Drug Program has led to improvements in both patient care and outcomes for those living with hemophilia.

OIC runs one of the 11 previously mentioned hemophilia treatment centers. There they provide multi-specialty care for patients of all ages and origins. They predominantly treat hemophilia, but also offer services to those with other coagulation disorders, and some patients suffering from blood-borne infections.

The center stands as the largest hemophilia treatment center for adults in the Southern California area.

“We hope the Senate will reject this damaging proposal so we can continue our commitment to bettering the health and well-being of the most vulnerable among us,” says Mathias.

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