Patients Declare: Let MI Doctors Decide

A Michigan based initiative called “Let MI Doctors Decide” is picking up steam with many major healthcare organizations. As support continues to grow, “Let MI Doctors Decide” seeks to improve patient access to important medicines their doctors prescribe. The initiative specifically focuses on autoimmune disorders such as hemophilia, and scleroderma. Keep reading to learn more, or follow the original source here.

The American Autoimmune Related Diseases Association (AARDA) heads up the “Let MI Doctors Decide” initiative. Other groups that have joined forces with AARDA include the Michigan chapter of the Scleroderma Foundation, Hemophilia Foundation of Michigan, and Michigan Rheumatism Society.

AARDA’s president and executive director, Virginia Ladd, describes the “Let MI Doctors Decide” initiative as a method to ensure patients are getting the medicines they need.

Ladd continues that it shouldn’t matter what disease or condition the patient has, but simply that they need medication for it and that their doctors prescribed it. AARDA looks forward to working with its partners to ensure that every doctor and patient in Michigan is able to make the best treatment decisions for their needs.

The reason for this initiative is what insurance companies refer to as “step therapy.”

“Step therapy” is a process by which insurers require a patient to experiment with medications. A patient is often required to try several different medications before the insurance company will cover the costs of one. Often times this occurs despite specific prescriptions made by a patient’s doctor.

The Michigan Rheumatism Society describes the process of “step therapy” as purely financial. The group issued a press statement in support of “Let MI Doctors Decide” stating that patients and their physicians should be empowered to make the decisions for treatment and that companies should not be allowed ot prevent these decisions based on financial preferences.

“Let MI Doctors Decide” intends to provide patients with options and information to support awareness and action when dealing with step therapy. One of the major resources is an online patient guide that explains how to successfully work with doctors, and insurance companies. The guide also includes information on how to appeal an insurance company’s decision.

At the initiative advances, a newly developed task force will continue to expand the number of resources available to patients and advocates. Explanatory videos, patient, and doctor experiences, and a scorecard for step therapy practices all come together as part of the plan to empower patients and their physicians.

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