A New Way To Pay: The Assistance Fund Begins Financial Aid for Hemophilia

According to an article published on BioPortfolio, a charitable foundation known as The Assistance Fund recently began a program to assist with the medical costs of hemophilia. The Assistance Fund recognizes the high out-of-pocket costs associated with the bleeding condition and will now offer a plan for qualified patients. The program is intended to provide financial relief to patients paying for medicines, and various aspects of health insurance. Keep reading to learn more, or follow the original story here for further details.

What is Hemophilia?

Hemophilia is a rare bleeding disorder that affects the ability of blood to clot. It is a result of blood lacking a certain amount of clotting factor and may come in two main types.

Hemophilia A results from a deficiency in clotting factor VIII. While Hemophilia A is more common than Hemophilia B, it still only affects roughly one in every 5,000 males worldwide. Hemophilia B, which is estimated to affect about one in every 20,000 males, is caused by a lack of clotting factor IX.

Common symptoms of hemophilia include excessive bleeding, large bruises, prolonged bleeding, joint pain and/or swelling, and blood in urine or stool. No cure for hemophilia currently exists, but there are a variety of treatments for the symptoms.

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Providing Assistance

The Assistance Fund is a charitable group which focuses on patients and patient families. Specifically, The Assistance Fund provides aid to patients and families facing high medical expenses out-of-pocket. Currently managing over 40 funds, each providing FDA-approved medicines, The Assistance Fund has helped a great number of patients with a variety of conditions.

Now that help is coming to hemophilia patients as well. Hemophilia patients face a variety of difficult situations in life that would be trivial to individuals without the condition. The Assistance Fund’s President and CEO, Mark McGreevy, notes that hemophilia patients have to be careful when participating in ordinary things like routine dentist appointments.

The Assistance Fund plans to provide financial support to qualified patients such that they can afford the types of treatments they need. Many of these treatments, such as replacement therapy, focus on reducing the severity or likelihood of bleeding episodes. The Assistance Fund hopes that by providing better access to these therapies they will be able to improve the quality of life for those living with hemophilia.

To learn more about The Assistance Fund, what services are provided, and who is qualified, visit tafcares.org or call 844-282-5802.

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