“A victorious moment”: Avril Lavigne is Sharing Her Experiences with Lyme Disease

The pop-punk singer Avril Lavigne has announced her return to music with a new album that she made while fighting chronic Lyme disease. In a letter to her fans, she talks about her experiences with the condition, how music helped her, and the foundation that she set up to raise awareness and provide support to people. You can read her letter in full at the Avril Lavigne website by clicking here.

About Lyme Disease

Lyme disease is a bacterial infection spread by infected ticks that, in a small minority of people, can cause symptoms that may last for years and significantly impact peoples lives.

Most tick bites do not cause Lyme disease, but some ticks that have previously bitten an infected animal can spread the bacteria to humans. It’s important to recognise Lyme disease early on, as this is often when treatment is most effective. Some people who develop Lyme disease continue to have persistent symptoms that may last for years, which can cause debilitating symptoms such as fatigue and aches.

Avril’s Letter

In her letter addressed to fans, Avril talks about how her experiences of chronic Lyme disease affected her and influenced her new album. She writes that in the five years since her last album, she has been through “physical and emotional battles,” but was able to “turn that fight into music” by writing and recording songs from her bed. The first song that she will release, ‘Head Above Water’, was written at a time that she calls one of the scariest of her life; “I could feel my body shutting down […] I felt like I was drowning.” The release of this album, she says, is a “victorious moment.”

In her letter, Avril talks about feeling vulnerable about sharing her experiences of Lyme disease with the world, but how she feels that it’s important to be truthful to raise awareness about the severity of the disease.

The Avril Lavigne Foundation

Avril has started The Avril Lavigne Foundation to help provide resources for people fighting Lyme disease and other serious illnesses. At their website, they provide Lyme prevention resources and links that allow people to connect to doctors who understand Lyme disease. They also plan to announce a collaboration with scientists that will support Lyme disease research.

Avril Lavigne’s single, ‘Head Above Water’ will is released on the 19th September. You can find her letter in full here and visit her Foundation’s website here.

Anna Hewitt

Anna Hewitt

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