‘Digital Therapeutics’ Offers Interesting New Options for Treating Some Neurological Disorders

Join us into the future for a moment as we take you through some exciting new developments in health tech!

Just last week, the FDA cleared reSET, a mobile app that tracks substance use, cravings, and social triggers to treat dependency on alcohol, cocaine, and cannabis.

This is just the latest development from an emerging new category of therapy known as “digital therapeutics”—an emerging class of evidence-based interventions that are predominantly driven by software rather than drugs.

The future is now!

One of these digital therapeutics worth mentioning is MedRhythms – which uses sensors, music, and artificial intelligence to build evidence-based, neurological interventions to measure and improve walking.

The algorithms deliver personalized gait therapeutics to patients, providing them with accurate, real-world data.

While its first efforts focus on post-stroke patients, the pipeline includes products for disorders like Parkinson’s and multiple sclerosis.

“While we know that we need to stay focused and execute, we know that the people we serve do not only suffer from walking deficits,” said MedRhythms Co-Founder Brian Harris. “It is our vision that we will ultimately serve as a solution to this entire range of impairments. To make this vision come to fruition, we will develop different algorithms as personalized therapeutics to address the many deficits caused by neurologic injuries and diseases.”

This is an exciting and emerging field that can deliver innovative new therapies for a wide range of symptoms and diseases, so here’s to the future!

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