Community Update: Transient Global Amnesia Project

Richard Holl of Transient Global Amnesia (TGA) Project 2018 has played a role in the development of a resource website for patients that have experienced transient global amnesia. The website is designed for patients that have recently become aware that they have experienced a transient global amnesia episode. The community for this condition, which has begun to coalesce around the site, currently stands at 416 members.

About Transient Global Amnesia (TGA)

Transient global amnesia is a highly unusual and rare neurological disorder in which short-term memory is temporarily yet almost entirely disrupted. During an episode, patients may also have significant problems accessing some older memories as well. They may lose all awareness of what year they are living in or where they actually are. The cause of transient global amnesia remains more or less a mystery. Theories include low blood circulation around or to the brain or epileptic events. In about a third of cases, the condition is associated with a triggering event, such as strenuous exercise, emotional trauma or stress, and abrupt changes in temperature (such as swimming in cold water). Migraines may also be a risk factor. Symptoms include a near complete loss of short term memory, the repetition of a certain phrase and/or gesture with precise intonation and accuracy, anxiety, and an elevated emotional state. To learn more about transient global amnesia, click here.

Developments at TGA Project 2018

For the foreseeable future, membership on the site will continue to be completely free. The website now opens with an introductory video titled “Coping With TGA.” The reader can then select one of six questions on the front page that will take them down the path to learning more about this mysterious disorder. 

There is also a quick reference tour that introduces different sections of the website. The “About” page tells more about how the community first began, privacy policy, top ten FAQs about TGA and the community, and a timeline of TGA. There are also resources designed to help patients cope when they realize they are experiencing a TGA episode, including a 911 Treatment plan that patients can tailor to suit their own needs.

The TGA Project is an essential resource for the TGA community. Check out the site here.

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