Chiesi Farmaceutici and StartUp Health are Looking for Rare Disease Innovators

According to a story from StartUp Health, the organization has recently partnered with Chiesi Farmaceutici, an Italy-based pharmaceutical company, in order to call for innovation and new advancements in the field of rare disease treatment. StartUp is actively looking for innovators that are passionate about addressing the challenges of rare diseases head on by becoming a part of its portfolio.

Tackling The Challenge of Rare Disease

Rare diseases are the most under-recognized and overlooked area within the medical field. With nearly 7,000 rare diseases described so far, it can be truly disturbing to realize that only about five percent of them have treatment options. Rare diseases affect millions of people across the world and many rare disease patients are children.

StartUp is seeking applicants that are interested in getting involved in the fight against rare diseases in a number of ways, including patient-provider communication, provider communications and engagement, care coordination, remote monitoring, and digital diagnostics. If accepted, companies will be able to work side by side with Chiesi as well as other companies that share similar goals.

Giacomo Chiesi says that there is a significant need for improvement in how caregivers communicate with patients about rare diseases. In addition, it is clear that rare diseases need to be diagnosed more efficiently and quickly. In a medical system that is more adequately prepared to handle more common diseases and day to day illnesses, it can take an average of five to seven years for a rare disease patient to actually get the correct diagnosis.

The ultimate goal of this partnership is to improve outcomes and overall quality of life for the most vulnerable rare disease patients.

Does joining this mission sound like the right move for your company? Click here to apply.

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