Saturday Afternoon Live: Dr. Steven Treon’s Presentation at the 2019 IWMF Educational Forum June 8th will be Streamed Online!

The International Waldenstrom’s Macroglobulinemia Foundation (IWMF) is a nonprofit organization founded by patients. Their mission? Support patients currently living with Waldenstrom’s Macroglobulinemia (WM) while simultaneously supporting the search for a cure. They provide educational resources for families, research updates, peer support, and information for physician’s aiming to learn more. In addition, they host an annual Educational Forum for both patients and caregivers. It brings WM researchers and clinicians together with the patient community so that they can connect easily in person.

The 2019 IWMF Educational Forum will take place in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania June 7th- 9th, 2019. If you’re unable to attend, we still have good news for you! The IWMF has just announced that one of the presentations, given by world leader in WM research Doctor Steven Treon, will be streamed online for everyone to listen to. All you need to do is log into Facebook or pull up YouTube.

Dr. Steven Treon

Dr. Treon’s accomplishments include-

  • Principal Organizer of the International Workshops on WM
  • Scientific Co-Chair of multiple IWMF-LLS Strategic Research Roadmap Summits
  • Director of the Bing Center for Waldenstrom’s Macroglobulinemia
  • Professor of Medicine at Harvard Medical School
  • Chair of the WM Clinical Trials Group
  • First to discover WM’s MYD88 mutation (which occurs in 95% of patients)
  • First to discover CXCR4 mutations in WM and their significance
  • Principal Investigator on the clinical trial of ibrutinib, the very first drug to be approved for WM by the FDA and EMA

To learn more about Dr. Treon’s awards and accomplishments, click here.

Saturday Afternoon Live

Dr. Treon’s presentation will take place June 8th from 2:20- 3:30pm US EDT. It is titled- ”Breaking News from the Front: IWWM-10 & the IWMF-LLS Strategic Research Roadmap Summit.”

The presentation will include both Dr. Treon’s own insights on the latest WM research, and the collective insights from researchers located across the globe studying WM.

You can watch the live presentation on either YouTube or Facebook.

If you run into any technical issues while trying to listen, simply send Jeremy Dictor an email and he will get you back up and running!

You can read more about this presentation and the 2019 IWMF Educational Forum by visiting the IWMF website.

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