Watch: Netflix Docuseries ‘Diagnosis’ About the Struggle of Diagnosing Mysterious Diseases 

Netflix debuted a documentary series this month called ‘Diagnosis’ — based on a New York Times Magazine column — which follows individuals with or caregiving for patients with a mysterious, often rare condition.

Like the column its based on, the docuseries uses the collective opinion of a group of individuals rather than that of a single expert — also know as “wisdom of the crowd.” The column and show turn to the public for help solving health issues that have medical professionals stumped.

One episode follows a young girl Sadie and her mother Sara, as they grapple with with Rasmussen’s encephalitis — another is about Crystal, whose titanium implants after reconstructive surgery was causing a mysterious disease to fester.

Each episode follows a patient and his or her family on their quest for answers, providing thorough and often moving portraits of the emotional and financial cost of living with debilitating, unexplained ailments.

Shot in a photojournalistic style, “Diagnosis” has a true crime, solving-the-mystery vibe; complete with narration, following clues submitted by readers via video chat, and consults with patients who range in age, affliction and location.

Check out the trailer below!



What do you think of this show? Are there other shows we should know about? Share your stories, thoughts, and hopes with the Patient Worthy community!

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