The Center for Chronic Illness’s Support Groups: A Resource for Community and Support for Rare Disease Patients

The Center for Chronic Illness is a nonprofit group that is based out of Seattle, Washington. The goals of this organization include the provision of support and educational resources to patients with chronic, rare diseases by facilitating community and improving patient well-being. A major program provided by the Center for Chronic Illness are in-person and online support groups.

The organization’s support group programs address a variety of topics related to chronic illness. If you live in the Seattle area, there are a number of in-person programs available that meet once a month on a regular schedule. 

An example is the Rare Chronic Illness Support Group, which meets the second Friday of each month at the Greenwood branch of the Seattle Public Library. To learn more about this group, click here.

The Center for Chronic Illness also operates online support groups which can be attended by anyone that signs up.

Learn more about the web-based version of the Rare Chronic Illness Support Group here.

The center also hosts a more general web-based Living With Chronic Illness Support Group. Learn more about it here.

Another web-based group is titled Living Mindfully With Chronic Illness. This group program is specifically focused on helping those with chronic illnesses develop mindfulness, learn meditation skills, and practice self-compassion. Learn more about it here.

One of the greatest challenges of living with a rare disease with chronic symptoms and complications can be the feeling if isolation and loneliness; a rare disease can feel like a struggle that has to be faced alone, but the reality is that many rare diseases have strong online communities either through non-profit organizations or social media. 

Support groups like the ones organized by the Center for Chronic Illness can be a valuable resource for rare disease patients that are feeling isolated and need community. A rare diagnosis is a challenge that no one should have to bear on their own, so sign up for a support group today.

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