Editor’s Choice: Making Invisible Illnesses Seen

Happy Thursday!

This week, we’re highlighting a story about a research update on the lung microbiome and how it can be used to predict IPF outcomes. Next, we have an FAQ on compression socks and a round-up of potential improvements in the medical system. Last but not least, we have a contribution from a woman living with an invisible illness. Sit back and enjoy our editor’s choice!


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The Lung Microbiome: a Critical Predictor in Severe Disease?


As more research comes out about the lung’s microbiome, scientists are finding more potential ways to use it to navigate treatment.


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Five Changes Patients Hope to See in the Healthcare World



It’s no secret that the healthcare world has plenty of flaws– here are some specific changes patient advocates are hoping to see soon. [one_half]


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Let’s Talk Spoonies and Compression Socks!


Compression socks help with many conditions, like dysautonomia and DVT. Here’s a brief overview of some frequently ask compression questions. [/one_half_last] [one_half]


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Behind The Smile – Invisible Illness Awareness: Stiff Person Syndrome



Debra shares the emotional challenges and journey of living with the rare condition, Stiff Person Syndrome. [one_half]

Do you have a rare disease experience of your own? Share with us here.

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