Repurposing Drugs May be the Key to the Fast Approval of a COVID-19 Treatment

What is Repurposing?

Repurposing involves testing whether or not a compound approved of another condition may be capable of also treating an illness with no approved treatment option.

It’s advantageous, because we already know a good deal about the drug. Instead of investigating something totally new, we’re taking what we know and seeing if it will work for something else. This also means that repurposed compounds are likely to be approved faster by regulating agencies like the FDA.

Repurposing Trials for COVID19

Repurposing is especially prevalent right now as the medical community is working at an exponential pace to find a treatment for COVID-19. Currently, there are over 25 fast-tracked clinical trials using repurposed drugs which could combat the virus.

These trials are occurring across the world, and scientists are collaborating with each other to learn about the best possible options.

The New York Times has reported 69 drugs which may be possible therapies. The Economist has also noted potential treatments.

Cures Within Reach

Cures Within Reach works to bring stakeholders together for repurposing trials. CureAccelerator is their repurposing platform. To learn more about this organization, it’s involvement in COVID-19, and how you can contribute to this ongoing research, visit

Hopefully, we will see this collaborative research come to fruition soon. With a treatment and a vaccine in hand for combatting COVID-19, our nation and the world will beat this virus.

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