Podcast Series Released to Increase Awareness and Education for Nonalcoholic Steatohepatitis

International Nonalcoholic Steatohepatitis (NASH) Day takes place on June 12th every year. This year, a 4 part podcast series was released by NASHNET as part of the continued effort to spread awareness and knowledge of this condition.

It’s about empowerment for not only patients, but the researchers and physicians who are providing their care. We all have the same goal- to improve outcomes for patients. One step at a time, we’re getting it done as a community.


International NASH Day, or IND is organized by the Global Liver Institute. Its goal, besides increasing education and awareness, is to provide actionable steps to truly improve outcomes for patients and their families in a timely manner. This year’s IND included the following panels-

  • How the condition is a public health issue
  • Pediatric indications of the disease
  • Obesity and NASH
  • Non-invasive technologies
  • Metabolic syndrome and the disease
  • Liver Cancer and the disease


NASHNET is a global network who works to develop optimal research and development for NASH. This podcast series was a result of their efforts.


This podcast series was hosted by Dr. Dinani from the Mount Sinai Health System. An outline of the podcasts is listed below, including their topics and guest speakers.

  • Podcast 1:
    • By: Dr. Therapondos from Ochsner Medical Center
    • Discussing: The importance of an early diagnosis
  • Podcast 2:
    • By: Dr. Fuchs from the Central Virginia VA Health Care System
    • Discussing: Diagnosing the condition, specifically through non-invasive means
  • Podcast 3:
    • By: Dr. Sussman from Baylor College of Medicine
    • Discussing: Treatments, current and future possibilities
  • Podcast 4:
    • By: A NAFLD patient advocate
    • Discussing: The patient experience

You can read more about these podcasts here.

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