Genomic Testing for Rare Cancers

According to an article from BioSpace, the TargetCancer Foundation has began enrolling patients in their TRACK study. This study is intended to provide rare cancer patients with individualized treatment options based on the genomic testing of their tumors.

Genomic Testing and Rare Cancer

Genomic testing is very important for those diagnosed with cancer, especially if it is a rare cancer. It can reveal alterations in the DNA that can be treated by a specific therapy. This is why genomic testing is the focus of the new Target Rare Cancer Knowledge (TRACK) study; researchers hope to discover better treatments for rare cancers.

The study will last for at least one year so that researchers can monitor treatment response. The monitoring process should be simple, as it can be done completely from the comforts of the home. Researchers have created a remote consenting process, allowing participants to never actually go to a trial site.

Rare cancers do not receive the same funding, attention, or research that other cancers do, making this study very important. If medical professionals can better understand the genotypes of tumors and what therapies work best, then they can greatly improve the lives of those with a rare cancer.

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