Robert’s Story: A Father, Musician, and Stage 4 Bladder Cancer Patient

Robert is a 43 year old father of a two year old son named Parker. Robert was diagnosed with inoperable stage 4 bladder cancer about a year and a half ago. Robert has received extensive treatments from MD Anderson including 2 types of chemo and immunotherapy. He is now currently being treated with Padcev. None of the treatments have yielded results. His cancer has now spread to his lungs and liver.

While looking for things he could leave for his son to remember him by, he decided on writing a birthday card for every year for Parker until he turns 21 and also wrote letters to be opened on significant life events, such as marriage and graduation.

As a musician Robert also decided to write and create an album to leave for Parker and his wife, which was quite the emotional journey for him. He has recently completed and published his album to share with others.

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