Karate Kid Actors Send Well Wishes to Child with Kabuki Syndrome

Landon Groves was diagnosed with Kabuki syndrome, a rare multisystem disorder, and leukemia soon after his birth. Because of these conditions, his family faces hefty medical bills. His community has rallied around him and organized a benefit event, which will be held on Sunday. Beyond the people in his hometown of South Glens Falls, NY, actors from Cobra Kai and Karate Kid have sent him their well-wishes.

About Kabuki Syndrome

Kabuki syndrome is a rare, multisystem disorder that is characterized by distinct facial features, intellectual disabilities, short stature, and skeletal abnormalities. Beyond the characteristic symptoms, affected individuals experience a wide array of effects. Possible symptoms include:

  • Growth deficiency leading to short stature
  • Dental and skeletal abnormalities
  • Seizures
  • Diminished muscle tone
  • Mild to moderate intellectual disability
  • Feeding difficulties

Distinctive facial features are another characteristic symptom, such as a broad nose, arched eyebrows, lower eyelids that are turned outwards, and prominent eyelashes, among others. These are the result of a mutation in one of two genes: KMT2D and KDM6A. These genes typically go through a spontaneous mutation to cause Kabuki syndrome, but they can be passed down in an autosomal dominant pattern as well. Regardless of inheritance, treatment is symptomatic and directed towards the specific manifestations of the disorder.

Well-Wishes for Landon

Before the benefit event being held for him this weekend, Landon received videos from Susan Gallagher and Sean Kanan, stars of Cobra Kai and Karate Kid 3. The stars sent love and well-wishes, telling him to “strike first, strike hard, and show no mercy.”

These videos come as a precursor to a benefit event that was held on Sunday January 10th. Beginning at 8 AM, the event was be held at Maiello’s Barbershop in South Glens Falls. Until 8 PM, the proceeds from every haircut went to the Groves family.

You can read more about the event here.

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