Woman with Immune Thrombocytopenia and COVID-19 Successfully Gives Birth

According to a story from republicworld.com, the medical fraternity of Queen Mary’s Hospital in King George’s Medical University, Lucknow was able to successfully treat a woman, age 35, with immune thrombocytopenia and COVID-19. Following successful treatment, this patient also gave birth to a baby girl who appears healthy. The patient was first admitted after reporting severe abdominal pain. A blood test revealed that her platelet count was far lower than normal.

About Immune Thrombocytopenia

Immune thrombocytopenia (ITP) describes a condition of abnormally low platelet count in bone marrow that is otherwise normal without any recognizable external cause. Platelets play an essential role in forming blood clots in order to halt wound bleeding. Immune thrombocytopenia is known as an autoimmune disease, in which the immune system mistakenly attacks parts of the body; antibodies that target surface antigens found on platelets are the telltale sign. Symptoms of the condition include purpura (small purplish skin rashes), excessive menstrual bleeding in women, bleeding from the gums and/or nose, small bruises called petechiae, and blood masses (hematomas) on mucosal surfaces. In severe cases of the condition, very low platelet counts can lead to potentially lethal internal bleeding. Treatment, which is usually only recommended when severe bleeding occurs, may include steroids, IVIg, surgical removal of the spleen, and platelet transfusion. To learn more about immune thrombocytopenia, click here.

A Unique Case

Soon after, she tested positive for COVID-19. She first received treatment with medication intended to treat the virus, as her platelet counts were too low for an operation to be conducted. The risk of bleeding was too high. She then received treatment with 80mg of intravenous immunoglobulin (IVIG). In addition, she required four platelet units from donors. 

Her treatment course was successful and soon after her baby was delivered via C-section, which took place on May 16, 2021. Both mother and daughter were discharged from the hospital in a healthy and stable condition. 

The patient’s husband had this to say:

“I do not think she could have received a better treatment elsewhere. Her condition was severe. The doctors and their team did a wonderful job. I am very thankful to them.”


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