‘Kentucky Bourby’ Fundraiser Aims to Support the Parkinson’s Disease Community

According to a story from wlky.com, the TKO Fight Club is slated to hold its third annual Kentucky Bourby fundraiser at Progress Park. 

“We specifically use bourbon to fundraise for the fight against Parkinson’s,” says club president Tom Pifer.

This event will feature a total of 22 different distilleries and attendees will be able to try three to five different bourbon whiskey recipes from each. TKO Fight Club is the fundraising organization of the local nonprofit TKO Parkinson’s. This organization is dedicated to slowing the progression of the disease through community and boxing-centered exercise activities. Doug Pifer, Tom’s father, founded the group after being diagnosed.

The group hopes to raise $60,000 from the event. Kentucky Bourby is slated for 6-10PM on the 27th of April. Click here to sign up and learn more.

About Parkinson’s Disease

Parkinson’s disease is a type of long term, progressive, degenerative illness that affects the central nervous system. Symptoms tend to develop over a period of years and primarily affect the movement ability and mental state of the patient. The cause of Parkinson’s disease remains a mystery, although there are a number of risk factors that have been identified. These factors include head injuries, pesticide exposure, and certain genetic variants and mutations. About 15 percent of patients have a close relative with the disease, suggesting some genetic connection. Symptoms include slowed movements, poor coordination, trouble walking, shaking, stiffness, abnormal posture, depression, anxiety, inhibited thinking, hallucinations, and dementia. Treatment may involve a number of medications, rehabilitation, and surgical operations. Survival rate varies, but most patients survive around a decade after getting diagnosed. To learn more about Parkinson’s disease, click here.

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