How Your Socks Can Have Your Back

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Patients with Ankylosing Spondylitis can suffer terrible backaches. Heating pads are an easy option to help increase blood flow and alleviate some of the pain, at least temporarily.

Electronic heating pads can be found at many retailers; typically for around fifteen to thirty five dollars. Old-fashioned hot water bottles are an option too, although they may be harder to track down, and sell for around twenty dollars. The most economical option for warm relief however, are probably microwavable heating pads’ typically around ten dollars. They can be purchased at various stores or online but can also easily be made at home.

You can pick out printed cotton cloth of your choice and sew a pouch of your preferred size (read how here) but the easiest option is on your feet!

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All it takes to make a reusable, microwavable hearing pad is a cotton sock and a quick trip to your pantry! Most people tend use uncooked rice, but flax seeds and dried corn are viable options as well. You can use this website  which compares the three, to help with your decision.

The entire heating pad can be created with just these two materials and be ready to use in under a minute.

Simply fill the foot of the sock with uncooked rice, tie the top of the sock and heat! If you wish, you can also add aromatic oils or spices and herbs to the filler to enjoy a scent of your choosing.

Keep in mind that the timing needed to get the pad to the right temperature can vary by microwave and be careful to not overheat.Check the temperature carefully before using your heating pad and wrap it in cloth if necessary.

A bonus? These heating pads can also be stuck in the freezer and be used as a cold pack for inflammation! This is a quick, easy way for relief that you can make at home and reuse for years!

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