Cops Raid These Kids’ Lemonade Stand, Ends Better Than You Think

Jake Krahe, a youngster from Montville Township, Ohio,  has been living with a rare disease since he was 19 months old 19 Action News reports.

The specific diagnosis is cystinosis, a disease that only about 2,000 children worldwide are affected by. Jake relies on round the clock medications and a feeding tube to survive, and in the four years since his diagnosis, he’s stronger, and still has a resilient attitude. Recently, his classmates at St. Francis Xavier School decided to take action on his behalf: Several of them hosted a lemonade stand to raise funds for the Cystinosis Research Foundation.

Lemonade stands have become the symbol of young entrepreneurship for years. Krahe’s classmates aren’t looking for profits though, but support for a friend battling cystinosis.

Two Montville police officers visited the lemonade stand and wrote on the department’s Facebook page, “We honor and admire what these young ladies are doing to make a difference in someone else’s life. Their deeds do not go unnoticed and are touching in a time when all that we tend to hear about is the negativity in society.” Officer Eckstine and Lieutenant Neil were happy to support the girls’ efforts.

Cops at lemonade stand to support cystinosis patient
The caring officers dropped by to quench their thirst and also donate some cash to Jake’s thoughtful classmates. Just precious. Source: Montville Police Department Facebook Page

Now that is using capitalism for good.

If you want to take some of the slack from these young inspiring business ladies, help Jake win his fight with cystinosis with a simple donation. Or share the word to all your rich Facebook friends :).

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