This is Why People Are Shakin’ It for Dystonia Awareness Month

Show us your moves, dystonia patients, show us your moves.

Bill Nye dancing
Just not like this….Source: Reddit

At least, that’s what Pat Wyatt’s doing, according to a recent article published in the Shelby County Reporter.

Wyatt has had dystonia for more than 40 years, and ever since, he has been hard at work bringing awareness to the disease. This woman even caught the attention of Alabama governor, Robert Bentley, who declared September “Dystonia Awareness Month” and declared it with the tag line, “dystonia moves me, show me your moves.”

As seen on the dystonia-foundation’s web page, the “dystonia moves me, show me your moves” initiative wants people living with dystonia to raise awareness through motor movements like dance, sports, or other talents.

Now that’s how to take dystonia head on.

Dystonia patient, Federico Bitti, tells his amazing story of how dystonia tried to make the dancing stop, but it only made him want to pump up the volume even more.

It was a car accident that left Wyatt with this rare condition—a disease that causes muscles movements that are often painful and uncomfortable. Though the disease isn’t fatal, it is chronic and can strike all over the body.

Unfortunately, as of now,  a dystonia cure is not available and the cause remains unknown.

Even though dystonia isn’t often talked about, it’s still the third most common neurological movement disorder; in North America alone, it affects more than 300,000 people.

That’s why Wyatt wanted to put herself out there.

To be heard.

To let people know that they’re not alone. “It’s important for families and friends to understand the disease,” she said.

Wyatt has been encouraging to join support groups for years, and has a mission to continue spreading the word about this disease. So that’s exactly what she’s going to do.

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