Alex Trebek of All People Saved This Radio Announcer’s Life

Go on your average radio show website—when you check out the bios of your favorite hosts, putting a face to those funky fresh tones you listen to on your way to work each morning, you probably expect fun facts like:

  • I’ve been with the show since 2006
  • I’m the Miami guy
  • I like the NFL

You probably aren’t expecting, “I have a rare, chronic disease called acromegaly.”

But that’s exactly what you’ll get if you click on Scot “Froggy” Langley’s profile over at the nationally syndicated, Elvis Duran and the Morning Show.

As Langley explains to Daniel Levine in an episode of Rare Cast with Daniel Levine, Langley treated 10 years worth of unexplained symptoms like white noise.

Not even the term “acromegaly” appearing in a Google search for his symptoms changed Langley’s tune.

“[I decided] I’ll just keep living. I didn’t even realize what I was feeling or how I was feeling,” Langley says.

And Langley could have very well gone on like that if it wasn’t for a timely intervention by Jeopardy’s own Alex Trebek.

Soon after Langley’s foray into Google M.D., his mother calls him, insisting they need to speak. And then she says the words that change everything: “Have you ever heard the word acromegaly?’

Turns out, “What is Acromegaly” had been a Jeopardy answer on the episode she’d just watched!

It was a serious case of shock radio!

Langley hadn’t discussed his fears at all with his mother, but she sense he needed to hear about this Jeopardy episode.

And she was right.

Four days later, Langley began the long, painful road of managing his symptoms.

Today, Langley doesn’t want anyone to go through 10 years of mystery and denial like he did. In a more knowing twist on Alex Trebek’s media platform helping Langley, Langley uses his own highly-rated radio show to help others.

“I’ve been contacted by countless people that the videos I’ve created have helped them personally…. [For one woman, my video] was the first time somebody made her feel like she wasn’t crazy,” says Langley.


Here’s a picture from Froggy’s Facebook page, showing exactly where his heart is when it comes to his diagnosis. Helping others.

Rare disease day announcement on facebook

Has Langely’s story helped you? Talk about it in a comment below and listen to more about him and his Global Genes Annual Tribute to Heroes Gala MCing gig on Rare Cast with Daniel Levine.

Pass this insane story along and make sure all your social friends and your family tune into jeopardy every day! Who knows what the next answer will be.

Featured image is credited to Chris’s Cruises flickr account.

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