A Wheelchair Bound Girl Just Wanted to Dance, This Organization Made it Happen

Imagine having a disorder that controls your movements. A disorder that causes painful muscle contractions that can’t be stopped. Imagine being in a wheelchair because of this….and wanting to dance.

Meet Madison a dance lover who suffers from Dystonia, a diagnosis that’s left her confined to a wheelchair.

Neither dystonia nor a wheelchair can keep her from what she wants to do or limit her dreams.

A fan of “Dancing with the Stars”, Madison danced at prom and dancing ballroom for her university’s talent show next month. She’s going to be dancing this Saturday in Traverse City with other dancers who use wheelchairs. Amazing individuals, in wheelchairs for various reasons, with the commonalities of a passion for dance and of living without letting their chair be an inhibition will be tearing up a dance floor near you.

The Life Beyond Barriers Rehabilitation will be sponsoring a ballroom dance for wheelchairs users on Saturday, October 24th. 

Life Beyond Barriers Rehabilitation
Source: Facebook

“Just because you have a disability or you’re a wheelchair user, there’s no reason your quality of life should change” –Sandy Burns, executive director of Life Beyond Barriers Rehabilitation (Traverse City and Rockford).

If you’re interested in watching a demonstration and learning to dance the rhumba and the waltz from your chair, this is the event for you. All you need to do is register and show up at noon at 415 Munson Avenue, suite 103.

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