Could a CGD Cure Be On The Horizon? Docs Seem To Think So

The words “happy” and “healthy”—it’s what every parent wants to hear after the birth of their child.

Clayton’s parents were no exception. In a Youtube video by Hopkin’s children, Clayton’s parents were thrilled that, after he was born, he was coming home bouncing, bubbling, happy, and healthy. But, it was only a couple of years until a lingering fever put two-year-old Clayton in the hospital. And it kept him there. And kept him their longer. After weeks, his severe, life-threatening lung infection had no answers.

In search for a solution, Clayton was taken to Hopkins Childrens hospital where Dr. Howard Lederman diagnosed him a CGD diagnosis within 48 hours of his arrival.

It took three weeks for doctors to figure out what treatment course they needed to take, but that diagnosis made all the difference. Today, Clayton takes medicine twice a day and receives injections three times a week.

A CGD diagnosis means that, like other children who battle CGD, Clayton’s immune system is basically broken. His body doesn’t fight off certain bacteria and mold like other children do.

Even though he’s not more susceptible than anyone else to get the flu and fight it off, if he’s exposed to certain fungi, it’s nearly impossible for him to retaliate.

For example, Clayton loves spending his days playing on his swing set and in the dirt—rubber dirt, that is. Clayton’s parents want him to be able to play like any other child, so they make adjustments so he’s able to do so. Dirt, mulch, and old leaves can be a death sentence for people with CGD.

However, doctors seem fairly confident that there is a cure coming. They think they’ll be able to figure out gene therapy, and believe CGD will be one of the first diseases tested and hopefully cured.

Doctors even assure Clayton’s parents that a cure will be found before he’s an adult. Paired with doctor assurance and their own hope, Clayton’s family believes he’s going to be okay.

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