Editor’s Choice Weekend Roundup: #NERVEmber Highlights!

Because it’s the month of #NERVEmber, we are highlighting CRPS and other nerve pain conditions.

Diseases like CRPS and POTS often go unnoticed in the community at large. We are honored to bring awareness to conditions where neuropathy is a predominate symptom.

This week, we are featuring a truly inspiring story from a rare disease mom, tips for our CRPS friends and a little something special for the ladies.

So relax and enjoy another week of Editor’s Choice posts!


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This Honest Mom…

…Doesn’t Want You to Be Ashamed of Your Rare Disease

Read the inspiring story of Kathryn, a mom and wife living with undifferentiated idiopathic periodic fever syndrome, cold induced urticaria, and POTS.

Her openness is brave and refreshing. Her story is sure to move you!

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CRPS Patients: These Are the Best Tips to Take to the ER

Living with CRPS? It’s complicated to explain your condition to friends and family, but when it comes to the medical world, it’s a whole other ball game.

Check out these tips to take with you to the ER, to shake any preconceived notions your medical specialist might have.

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Young woman looking into the sunset.

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Women of the Rare Disease World: SPEAK UP!

Did you know that women presenting heart attack symptoms are seven times more likely than men to be misdiagnosed and turned away from treatment?

This post will motivate you to screw the risks of being perceived as unpleasant, and empower you to advocate for yourself!

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man holding his head in pain

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CRPS: The Most Painful Disease You’ve Never Heard Of

Rounding out this #NERVEmber week, we are spotlighting CRPS with one woman’s story and why she is wearing orange this month.

It’s time to push for a cure! So check out this story and share for more awareness.


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