A Healthy, Easy Dessert You CAN Eat With Chronic Illness

I love desserts. Its “stressed” spelled backwards. There is just something relieving about being able to sink your teeth into something sweet.

But when diagnosed with a chronic illness, often the first directives from the doctors are “No dairy, no sugar, and no gluten.”

These are all inflammatory agents that can make chronic conditions worse. So naturally, traditional desserts are no longer an option, which means it’s time to get creative!

Below is one of my favorite desserts given the dietary restraints that come along with chronic illness, though I must admit, I use the “no sugar” advice loosely and will use fruit or natural sweeteners.

Whipped Coconut Cream on Berries

First of all, coconut everything is AWESOME. Coconut cream and oil contain antimicrobial compounds that have the potential to lessen the amount of viruses found in the blood. Additionally, it can help combat certain fungi and yeast (think: candida and thrush) that chronically ill patients often have. It can help with your energy, slow the aging process, give your body much needed hydration and help with digestion. As patient or a caregiver, this sounds like an awesome deal to me.

  1. Take canned, full fat coconut milk (I like this brand) and put it in the fridge for at least a couple of hours.
  2. Then, when you’re ready, open the can, spoon the cream off of the top (there will be coconut water toward the bottom of the can).
  3. Whip it, just like you would regular whipping cream. It helps to put the mixers/whippers in the freezer for a half hour beforehand, so that their warmth doesn’t make the cream runny.
  4. Then, put it on top of your favorite berries. I recommend organic blueberries, raspberries and strawberries because they actually treat inflammation and oxidative stress.

How EASY is that?

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