Is The Cure For These Two Adorable Boys Really The Price of a Mustache?

Brothers Michael, 6, and Dylan Cavalier, 4, aren’t exactly like other boys.


They don’t make mud pies; they don’t jump in piles of autumn leaves; and they certainly don’t dig for critters in the dirt.

The Cavalier brothers have Chronic Granulomatous Disease, otherwise known as CGD.

CGD is an inherited disorder where the body is unable to kill the organisms that the phagocytic cells surround and ingest. Oftentimes, it’s a condition that’s discovered in young children; however, teenagers and adults may be diagnosed with milder forms.

The disease causes the boys to need shots three times a week, and their parents have to monitor their lifestyle closely to avoid infections, which are often picked up from things in the environment—leaves, sand, lakes, and/or dirt.

Unfortunately, for CGD patients, a bone-marrow transplant is the only cure.

Luckily, for the Cavalier brothers, a donor has been found for each—one in the United States and one in the United Kingdom.

As you can probably guess, a bone-marrow transplant is no cheap thing.

That’s why members of the Cavalier’s community rallied together to support the two boys at the second annual Mustache Club. The family was presented with a $7,124.65 check to help with the travel, food, and other costs associated with the procedure.

Despite the challenges the family faces, they have a community behind them. CGD may be a setback for the boys, but it won’t keep them down for long.

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Winnie Nash

Winnie Nash

Winnie Nash, born and bred in Charleston, South Carolina, likes to think she’s sweet as tea. Passionate for people, stories, and a little bit of glitter, she has an especially soft spot for patients and their journeys. A writer with true disdain for clichés, Winnie catches every detail of a story—intently listening—craving the next word. Some may call it nosiness, but to her, it’s just wholesome curiosity.

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