#MotivationMonday – Patient Worthy Interview with Kristina

Today’s special #MotivationMonday memes are dedicated to raising awareness about Narcolepsy through our awesome Patient Worthian Kristina. Kristina has had narcolepsy symptoms since she was 12 years old and it took over a decade for her to get a proper diagnosis.

“Doctors aren’t very familiar with it, they don’t look for it. I went to maybe five doctors who checked my thyroid and iron levels and when they didn’t find anything I got written off as depressed and just lazy.”
~ Kristina

Kristina has had interactions with many people who don’t truly understand narcolepsy, including doctors.

The following quotes are from our interview with Kristina which cover several topics such as dealing with narcolepsy when having children to what hypnagogic hallucinations feel like.

Sandro Georgi Photography
Sandro Georgi Photography
Phases of Narcolepsy
Sandro Georgi Photography


Sandro Georgi Photography
Thoughts on PatientWorthy
 Sandro Georgi Photography


All photography by Sandro Georgi Photography

Stay tuned for our post featuring clips of Kristina’s video – feel free to check out our YouTube page where we periodically post videos from past and current patient interviews.

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