Can Bee Pollen Actually Help Recovery From Disease Treatment?

bee pollen

I have been off of long-term antibiotic treatment for Lyme disease now for 6 months. How FREEING!

During treatment I had so many chemicals running around my body. I had about 12-15 prescriptions, not to mention 70+ supplement pills a day.

While I am in recovery, I have been focusing on detox, but still using a ton of supplements because my energy level is super low due to the effects of POTS.

Lately, my problem is gut, inflammation and allergies, so I’ve tried incorporating more natural supplements into my diet, mainly in my morning shake, to see if I notice a difference in both of these things.

So I decided to turn to the “mythical” bee pollen. Starting with 1/4th tsp per day, gradually increasing to 1 tsp per day in my morning shake, is the only change in my diet and lifestyle that I have made in the past 6 weeks. So any changes I have experienced I am attributing to this change. There really isn’t any legitimate scientific research on bee pollen that I have found, but there are plenty of advocates out there for it’s effective use.

If you are looking for natural ways to improve your diet and energy, I wanted to tell you the changes I have seen while taking bee pollen, all other dietary restrictions staying constant:

  • Around this time I usually experience allergies in spring– I haven’t had any yet this year.
  • Significant reduction of inflammation– My sinuses are finally clear!
  • Energy- Simply put, I have more of it.

Negative Side Effects:

  • I’ve had none.

I have read that if you have pollen allergies (and I historically do, in fact, I am allergic to a lot of things from Tide, to mold, to dressing change adhesives, to grass touching my skin), you might risk anaphylaxis. So definitely mention it to your PCP before you try it.

For now, I am keeping it in my diet because I have noticed these positive changes over the last month and a half.




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