Meme making resources to consider for Patient Worthy’s #PWMemeWeek Contest

As we close out the first week of the #PWMemeWeek contest, we have gotten a few submissions that are notably awesome! Not gonna spill any beans yet but y’all better up your game because there is some stiff competition out there.

You have the rest of this week to submit your memes and win a chance to be featured on our site. If you haven’t check out the rules yet, just go to this article and familiarize yourself with them. 

Here are a few free websites you can use to make funny, encouraging or educational memes:

  1. Canva – This is for the more advanced meme wizards out there but still very user friendly and allows you to highly customize your memes.
  2. ImgFlip – This site allows you to create memes using more mainstream images that have been used for what feels like millennia!
  3. Meme Dad – similar to ImgFlip.. but better. It’s got DAD in the name LOL

the most important thing to keep in mind with all of this is to HAVE FUN! Get creative my Patient Worthy miscreants and lets get the show rolling!

Upload your memes HERE or @ us on Twitter @PatientWorthy AND use the #PWMemeWeek

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