Narcolepsy Can’t Curb Kristina’s Ambition

Kristina is the epitome of resilience in the face of Narcolepsy.

Kristina was undiagnosed for years and was told her symptoms could be explained by depression and laziness. Now she has a diagnosis and doesn’t plan on letting narcolepsy keep her from what she wants to do in life. Listen to the video below.

“I guess I find myself relatively optimistic; I mean I’m not looking at the future with a negative outlook. I mean I don’t think that narcolepsy is something that could keep me from doing things that I wanna do. Me and my husband would like to travel, it’s not going to keep us from doing that, it’s not going to keep me from buying a house, it’s not going to keep me from participating in things with my kids, like I would like to. You know, like I said earlier, taking them to do dance classes or cheerleading or something like that it’s not going to keep me from doing that. I’m just going to have to learn to…and I have learned to deal with it better. I gotta listen to my body’s signals and just give into it when I need to and it won’t impact my life as bad as it did before I was diagnosed.” -Kristina

Her journey with narcolepsy hasn’t been the easiest but she refuses to let it crush her hopes for the future. Kristina is a wonderful mom, wife, artist, and student. Check out her academic interest below;

Sandro Georgi Photography

Kristina has never met, nor had the chance to talk with anyone else with narcolepsy. If you can relate to her story, leave a comment below, she’d love to hear from you!


Keep an eye out for more of Patient Worthy’s Video Series with Kristina.

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