Editor’s Choice: 4 Awareness Months in 1, Rare Moms, Donald Trump and “This is Stupid”

Happy Almost Mother’s Day Patient Worthians!

This week is PACKED with announcements. First of all, it’s Lyme disease Awareness Month, Cystinosis Awareness Month, Cystic Fibrosis Awareness Month, and Behcet’s Awareness Month. We plan to cover each and every one of those diseases with special attention so stay tuned!

Second of all, it’s MOTHER’S DAY on Sunday. This week and next week we are celebrating our #RareMoms, so be sure to send us your content if you know a rare mom today!

Below are our most popular posts of the week so sit back and enjoy this week’s Editor’s Choice!




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What Causes CVID? Doctors May Have Discovered the Answer

This doctor may have discovered the common culprit throughout those with CVID.

Could these mean better and more effective treatment to come? We think so!

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Was I Crazy? Could I Really Be One of 3 in a Million?

Have you ever felt just… “off”? Did that spiral into a lot of other symptoms? If so, Liz can relate!

This PW Contributor and Personal Trainer shares with us her journey to a rare disease diagnosis.

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When “This is Stupid” Became My Acromegaly Mantra

PW Contributor and acromegaly warrior Rob goes through his journey with the rare disease, and life before diagnosis.

Interestingly enough, Rob doesn’t exhibit typical symptoms of the disease, making it harder to diagnose.

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Donald Trump Taught Me How To Be Less Sucky To Narcoleptics

I know, I am just as tired as you are at seeing Donald Trump or ANY politician in the headlines!

But, one of our writers clearly has a sense of humor about the political situation in America right now and more importantlyshe learned a valuable lesson about empathy and relating to narcolepsy.

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